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Sure Power Solutions

The dread of brownouts and blackouts is enough to keep IT professionals and facilities managers awake at night. It takes only eight milliseconds of power interruption to send a system crashing, but hours to recover lost data - if it can be recovered at all. A typical computer location experiences nearly 300 power disturbances annually, estimates Best power's National Power Laboratory. Altogether, U.S. businesses lose more than $50 billion a year from computer failures due to power outages.

High-Availability Power Provides Ultimate Peace of Mind

Computer-grade electricity with 99.9999+% uptime gives users a competitive differentiator to generate greater revenues. It also provides utilities with a solution to meet the power quality and reliability demands of their customers.

• No single points of failure in a patent-pending system featuring a redundant array of independent devices (RAID) architecture
• Lowers risk of power failure from 63% (for a 2N backup system) to just 1%
• Utility friendly - shields utility from user load faults, harmonics and inrush currents

On-Site Primary Power Generation Allows You to Take Control

On-site power generation facilitates faster time to market in areas where power constraints impede construction. Adding computer-grade capacity quickly helps utilities retain customers and attract new development.

• Facility location decision can be based on market issues rather than energy issues
• Provides a way to physically market power as a competitive advantage
• Utility friendly - no risk to existing rate payers

Energy Efficiency Displays Environmental Leadership

SurePower System users lead their industries in environmental protection. SurePower enables utilities to meet the growing demand for electricity while minimizing the environmental impact of generation.

• Utilizes best available control technology (BACT) for NOx and other pollution emissions
• Efficient prime movers with combined heat and power (CHP) reduces greenhouse gas emissions

Single Source for Modular, Scalable Solutions

SurePower permits the utility, developer and owner to phase in power and cooling as business growth warrants. SurePower is the one-stop source for power and cooling from design through installation.

• Factory-built, packaged solutions facilitate installation and modular growth
• Completely scalable and flexible from initial to final configurations
• Long-term outsourcing of non-core functions maximize use of limited resources

Cost-Effective Solution Gives Your Company the Competitive Edge

SurePower lets users conserve capital and lower operating expenses. We also let utilities leverage existing transmission and distribution (T&D) infrastructure.

• Provides a lower life-cycle cost per kWh than current alternatives
• Significantly reduces energy costs through energy efficiency
• SurePower Service eliminates capital expenditures normally associated with power and cooling
• Matches expense to consumption and revenue

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