In Memory Of Deja (Dee) Mason and Uros Brkic

In 2 short years Plenum Innerduct has had some tragic events with losing 2 of our former employees. Plenum Innerduct lost another key employee and partner of the company in less than 2 years, Deja (Dee) Mason on April 14, 2011 at Woodside Hospice. Deja was one of our founding members and IT Director. Deja- better known as "DEE" passed away after a brief battle with cancer April 14, 2011 at Woodside Hospice. We will be dedicating our website shortly to Dee Mason. Dee Mason was one of the most dedicated and gifted web designers in the USA. She quickly rose in the ranks from "web-designer" to IT Director in less than 2 years. Her talents were limitless.


If you would like more information on her and the work she did at Plenum Innerduct - please visit the following link. Dee Mason.

Below you will find information on Uros Brkic who passed away on Memorial Day 2009.

Uros Brkic May 11, 1975 - May 25, 2009