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Plenum Innerduct is a a national innerduct supplier and stocks Smoothwall Innerduct Supplier, 1 Inch Smoothwall Innerduct, 2 inch Smoothwall Innerduct, 4 inch Smoothwall Innerduct, 6 inch Smoothwall Innerduct.

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Ribbed Innerduct, designed, engineered and produced by us is today's answer to fast, efficient cable placement in both existing underground systems and direct buried environments.Manufactured from tough, High Density PolyEthylene, our Ribbed Innerduct can withstand typical pulling loads and is highly resistant to crushing forces. Polyethylene also resists oils, gasoline and other compounds which exist in underground systems.

• Flexible and can be worked easily in tight areas.
• Ribbed duct is available with SILICORE® Super Slick Permanent Lining.
• Available with sequential markings in feet or meters. • Can withstand typical pulling loads and is highly resistant to crushing forces.
• High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) resists oils, gasoline and other compounds.• Outside ribbed is ideal when installing multiple sub-ducts into a larger main duct.

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Plenum (Fire Jacket)


As a national innerduct supplier we specialize in fast turnaraound for a Complete Line of Innerduct and Raceway Products including Innerduct, ladder rack,High Density Polyethlene Duct, Outside Plant Innerduct, HDPE, Most OSP Duct ,Plenum Innerduct,Corrugated Innerduct, Corrugated HDPE, Riser Rated Innerduct, Outside Plant Conduit, Fiber Optic duct and our custom Pre-Installed Fiber In Duct. Plenum Innerduct's HDPE innerduct is available in sizes ranging from 1/2" to 6" inches in diameter with several SDR or HDPE innerduct wall thickeness.

Ribbed Innerduct Allos For Easy Fiber Cable Pulls

Plenum Innerduct stocks many sizes of innerduct and can ship most innerduct orders including custom- including colored innerduct within 48 hours. Our corrugated HDPE is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended to be placed inside of existing duct. Our corrugated innerduct is ideal for pulls under 1000 ft. and is designed to reduce surface contact when pulling cable. This lightweight product offers maximum flexibility, and allows for installation in small or restricted areas. Our Corrugated innerduct is available in 1" and 1 1/4". The standard color is orange and is offered in a variety of other colors. Sequential marked footage is standard. Custom options, such as multiple colors per reel and Slit Duct, are also available.

  Inside Diameter
Outside Diameter
Max. Reel Length
Max. Pull Load
Tensile Strength
Bending Radius
1" 1.000 1.320 15000 1200 4000 10
1" 1.125 1.475 10000 1500 4000 12
1 1/4" 1.250 1.580 8000 1600 4000 12
1 1/2" 1.460 1.830 6000 1750 4000 16
I.D. Tolerances: - 0.0 + 0.015"; O.D. Tolerances: +/- 0.020"
See Innerduct Packaging Specifications for details on shipping reels.

Our High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Innerduct is made of 100% Virgin Resin. The Innerduct can be manufactured in almost any color and has outstanding UV protection. Orange, Black, Red, Blue and Green are the most common conduit colors. We can provide multiple duct and colors on one reel to maximize space in a trench. All of our Innerduct is sequencally marked every foot and can be purchased with or without pull tape. The Innderduct has a silicore lining on the inside to prevent cable drag friction. SDR wall thicknesses are contingent on the type of projects projected. Schedule 40, SDR 15.5, SDR 13.5, SDR 11 and SDR 9 are all standard wall thickness.

Plenum Innerduct will DROP-SHIP all your innerduct needs from one 250 coil to a several truckloads of 6" HDPE. Call us today for a competitive price and let us take care of all the logistics of delivering our product to your door.

Plenum Innerduct is an active CCR registered supplier for the United States Government

We Can Ship the Same Day! Many Colors Available!

Innerduct, or sub-duct as it is often called, is a product designed to provide a clean, low friction environment for the installation of fiber optic cable in the underground telephone plant. Innerduct evolved as a product when the need to install small fiber optic cables in large conduits presented the problem of efficient space utilization. Innerducts provide a means of increasing the number of paths available in crowded subways.

Two Types:

Two basic types of innerduct are available: smoothwall and corrugated. Smoothwall was the first innerduct product developed and is essentially water pipe. Smoothwall is a round tube available with various inside diameters and wall thicknesses. Smoothwall is heavy and stiff, making it somewhat difficult to work with in the manhole after initial installation. A variation of smoothwall innerduct is ribbed innerduct, which has longitudinal ribs. Ribbed innerduct has the same general characteristics as smoothwall.

Annular, corrugated innerduct is a relatively new product developed in the late 1970s for use in the underground plant environment. It is available in a number of sizes, all of which are measured according to their minimum inside diameter (ID). The sizes available are 1, 1-1/4, 1-1/2, and 2 inches ID. The 1-1/2 and 2 inch sizes are not normally used in conduit installations. Rather, they were developed for direct burial applications where a large outside diameter (OD) is needed for low friction cable pulls. These products are generally produced from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Innerduct is available in colors to facilitate the identification of cables in the conduit system.

Annular, corrugated was developed with the primary objective of reducing the friction encountered when pulling fiber optic cables into the underground plant. Corrugated innerduct reduces the friction encountered when pulling cable, because it has little or no reel memory. This allows it to lie flat in the conduit after installation, in contrast to smoothwall which spirals during installation due to reel memory.

Corrugated innerduct has high cross sectional strength, giving it a greater ability to resist ovalization especially when wound on a cable reel for shipping. Corrugated innerduct specifications call for maximum ovalization of five percent, versus 10 percent for smoothwall and ribbed innerduct. In addition, corrugated innerduct installs in the underground with relative ease due to its lighter weight and flexibilty.

Annular, corrugated innerduct provides the user with another major advantage: it increases in inside diameter when pulled to near its tensile strength. Smoothwall and ribbed type products tend to neck down at random points when pulled to near tensile strength. This necking, if undetected, is serious, because it can cause a cable to jam in the innerduct during a pull.

Although corrugated innerduct has a tensile strength of more than 600 pounds versus 1,200 pounds for smoothwall, its lighter weight means lower pull tensions during installation and its elasticity more than compensates for its lower tensile strength. The greater flexibility of corrugated innerduct makes it much easier to work with in the manhole after initial installation.

Installation Methods

When installing innerduct, smoothwall or corrugated, it should be treated the same as cable. The tension applied to corrugated innerduct is important and should be limited to 450 pounds maximum to prevent excessive elongation of the innerduct. When pulling it into a conduit, a guide must be used to prevent damage when passing over manhole edges, past other cables and racking in a manhole. Failure to do this may result in damage to the innerduct and its subsequent loss in the conduit during installation. Lubrication is needed to reduce friction and ease the installation.

The following information is provided to assist users in the engineering of projects and product installation. Specific instructions for use of the various types of hardware and lubricants mentioned should be obtained from the manufacturers of those items and followed closely.

The number of innerducts that can be installed in one conduit is a function of the ID of the conduit and the OD of the innerduct being used. A fill factor (the ratio of innerduct ODs to conduit ID) of 67 percent is considered the norm. But one must also consider the condition of the underground system.

If the conduit system is old, it is likely to have dropped sections or other breaks that will reduce the ID of the conduit. In this case, fewer innerducts or smaller innerducts must be installed. Another factor to consider when calculating the tension that may be encountered in a pull is the number and radius of bends in the conduit run. As a rule of thumb, each 90 degree bend of five feet in radius and each offset of three feet in less than 10 feet will add 110 pounds of tension to a pull. This can be significant when maintaining a 450 pound maximum tension limit.

Combinations of innerduct sizes may be installed in conduit in order to obtain the maximum number of innerducts in a conduit run. If combinations are used, it is important to note that the likelihood of the inerduct jamming or wedging in bends in the conduit during a pull increases significantly.

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Cable Guide

View PDF White Paper On Cable Guide here

Cable Guide fabric innerduct that is equivalent to Maxcell allows you to place the maximum number of cables in any type of conduit network structure. By taking the shape of the cables placed within, Cable Guide allows you to utilize up to 80% of available duct space- Click Here For Complete Information.

HDPE Innerduct Specifications Call For Pricing Today (866) FIBER-21

HDPE Innerduct Specifications

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