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Plenum Innerduct has in stock a complete Line of Innerduct accesories including innerduct couplers, inneduct end caps, pull tape, HDPE Couplers, HDPE End caps, and more. Our HDPE is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended to be placed inside of existing innerduct. It¹s ideal for pulls under 1000 ft. and is designed to reduce surface contact when pulling cable. This lightweight product offers maximum flexibility, and allows for installation in small or restricted areas. Corrugated duct is available in 1" and 11/4". The standard color is orange and is offered in a variety of other colors. Sequential marked footage is standard. Custom options, such as multiple colors per reel and Slit Duct, are also available.

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American Data Supply is an active CCR registered supplier for the United States Government

We Also Have Custom Colors


Figure 8
Plenum (Fire Jacket)

American Data Supply Guarantees "the Best Pricing" On All Innerduct

We offer a wide variety of HDPE accessories to meet the needs of your individual project. If you do not see what you are looking for, call us as we have many special order options and a variety of products and styles.

Couplers- Available in a variety of sizes!


Blue Diamond offers a variety of plastic and aluminum couplers from ½” to 6” designed for use with both smooth wall and ribbed wall duct. From compression couplers to threaded, barbed and clamshell couplers, Blue Diamond has a solution to every application. Airtight and watertight, Blue Diamond couplers offer exceptional resistance to side load pressure for maximum durability. Choose from Universal, E-Loc, Barbed, Compression or Transition Couplers.

Pull Tape-Let Us Know How Much You Need- or we can" pre-install it in your innerduct for easier pulls."

Blue Diamond offers a variety of durable polyester pull tape available pre-installed in HDPE duct or purchased separately for field installation.  The woven pull tape is made of polyester fibers to prevent burn-through when tape is pulled through duct.  The flat woven construction is also less likely to wear against the duct wall. 

Ask for pricing information when we quote your duct.

Pull Tape Ordering Information

Part #






1000 lb pull tape

1250 lb pull tape

1800 lb pull tape

2500 lb pull tape

To specify pull tape installed into duct use the extension in addition to the duct part number.

Example: 1” SDR13.5 Orange with 1000 lb pull tape – BDI114OR-T10

Detectable Tape

Detectable tape is a low stretch, high strength woven tape, produced with abrasion-resistant polyester or aramid fibers and corrosion-resistant metallic conductor.  This unique combination provides users a detectable tape with a single product for detecting, measuring and pulling.

Pulling tape substantially reduces cable installation labor, material and inventory costs by providing a threading line, a measuring tape and a winch line all in one product.  Tape reduces damage to underground plants, improves efficiency and enhances worker safety.

Detectable Tape Order Information
Part #



BDI Detectable Tape

Duct Plugs

Blue Diamond duct plugs seal your conduit or innerduct from water, animals, debris or any other underground intrusion. Available in various sizes and models, duct plugs are designed for easy retrofitting and removal. Duct plugs help protect and seal occupied and unoccupied conduit and innerduct in an extensive range of applications.

Vinyl Endcaps

Use our flexible vinyl endcaps to seal cable and duct from soil intrusion.

Vinyl Endcap Order Information

Part #





1.25” Single red cap with nipple

1.5” Single red cap with nipple

2” Single red cap with nipple

*Additional sizes are available upon request

Corrugated HDPE- Riser Rated Innerduct-Plenum Innerduct-Corrugated Duct- Outside Plant Conduit- Fiber Optic Duct- Raceway Systems

HDPE Sizes Available

1/2 Inch 3/4 Inch One Inch 1 1/4 Inch 1 1/2 Inch 2 Inch 3 Inch 4 Inch 5 Inch 6 Inch

Colors and Identification

  • Standard colors available in: white, black, blue, green, red, orange, lilac, grey, yellow, brown, buff, terra cotta.
  • Striping: Striping combinations are available in all colors in combinations of single, double, triple and quad stripes.

Other Identification

  • Innerduct size, SDR and sequential footage markings every 2’ are laser imprinted on every order.
  • Custom imprints such as company name, project name or any other special identification markings also available


  • Lubrication
  • Up to four lengths/colors of innerduct per reel available laid in parallel or segmented on a reel.
  • Pre-installed pull tape, tracer tape
Smooth Wall Innerduct 1/2" to 6" Diameter

Smooth wall is the standard High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Duct. The interior of smooth wall has a glass-like finish which delivers the lowest coefficient of friction of all available non-lubricated innerducts. Blue Diamond smooth wall innerduct is a durable high quality product for direct burial applications.

Ribbed Wall Innerduct Smooth Wall Innerduct 1/2" to 6" Diameter

Blue Diamond’s ribbed wall innerduct is designed to allow extremely long cable pulls to glide through the interior raised ribs. All ribbed wall innerduct is internally ribbed and available in any SDR and SIDR rating.

Tracer Wire Innerduct Smooth Wall Innerduct 1/2" to 6" Diameter

Tracer wire innerduct provide a method of locating underground fiber optic cable. The tracer wire is a single copper wire co-extruded into the innerduct providing a corrosion resistant conductor. An alternative method of locating buried fiber optic cable is to use detectable tape, available pre-installed in any of our duct products.

Figure 8 Duct Smooth Wall Innerduct 1/2" to 6" Diameter

Blue Diamond’s figure 8 innerduct features a high tensile galvanized support strand for aerial placement of duct. The support strand is an integral component of the co-extruded duct.

How to build a part number



Wall Thickness



Ribbed interior



06 = ½”

2 = SDR 9

OR = Orange

ORS =Orange Stripe


T10 = 1000# tape


09 = ¾’

3 = SDR 11

BL = Blue

BLS = Blue Stripe


T12.5 = 1250# tape


11 = 1”

4 = SDR 13.5

BK = Black

BKS = Black Stripe


T18 = 1800 # tape


13 = 1 ¼”

5 = SCH 40

GR = Green

GRS = Green Stripe


T25 = 2500# tape


16 = 1 ½”

6 = SDR 15.5

RD = Red

RDS = Red Stripe


MT = 1250# detectable tape


21 = 2”

7 = SCH 80

YL = Yellow

YLS = Yellow Stripe


31 = 3”

8 = SDR 17

WH = White

WHS = White Stripe


41 = 4”


GY = Gray

GYS = Gray Stripe


51 = 5”


BR = Brown

BRS = Brown Stripe


61 = 6”


BF = Buff

BF = Buff Stripe


TC = Terra Cotta

TCS = Terra Cotta Stripe


LI = Lilac

LIS = Lilac Stripe

Duct Plugs

Blue Diamond duct plugs seal your conduit or innerduct from water, animals, debris or any other underground intrusion. Available in various sizes and models, duct plugs are designed for easy retrofitting and removal. Duct plugs help protect and seal occupied and unoccupied conduit and innerduct in an extensive range of applications.


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We can deliver a 500 Foot Reel of Innderduct to Most Locations In the United States For about $150.00 Per 500 Foot Coil

"Contractor Installed the wrong duct & fiber needs to be installed this weekend?

"Your local distributor has no duct in stock or has the wrong duct and needs it right away?"

"You have everything, the fiber cable, testers, jacks, but the duct- and you need it right away?"- We specialize in Rapid- 24- 48 Hour Turnaround- Call us today at (866) 650-DATA

View PDF White Paper On Cable Guide here

Cable Guide fabric innerduct that is equivalent to Maxcell allows you to place the maximum number of cables in any type of conduit network structure. By taking the shape of the cables placed within, Cable Guide allows you to utilize up to 80% of available duct space- Click Here For Complete Information on Cable Guide Fabric Innerduct.

HDPE Innerduct Specifications Call For Pricing Today (866) FIBER-21

We can supply pricing on anyone of the product categories below for a complete specifications sheet on Commscope Products. Call first for pricing and availability.

HDPE Innerduct Specifications

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