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SBS solves the critical power puzzle by engineering, specifying, provisioning, installing & servicing all the pieces associated with a data or network power system that achieves your requisite "level of nine's" reliability/availability.  The result is a single point of responsibility & accountability ensuring the continuity & uptime of  your business operations.  When the consequence of downtime is truly critical, SBS is your logical choice for an integrated power surety system solution for network, utility & critical data power applications.


SBS specializes in 1 Phase systems from 1-18kVA & 3 Phase systems from 10-750kVA SMU systems regardless of brand. Selecting from "Best in Class" product across brands, SBS will apply an optimum solution for your particular environment & application.
Applying the right generator for your electrical topology is crucial to the proper functioning of your power surety system. SBS has the experience to select & install a single generator from 20kW to 2mW or a parallel system to 4.6mW that will perform to your expectations from manufacturers that include Cummins, Caterpillar, Generac & Kohler.
Whether flooded lead acid, sealed VRLA, true gel, NiCad or rechargeable single cell battery packs for OEM applications, our stringent manufacturing & design standards ensure optimum service life regardless of chemistry or discharge profile.
SBS offers complete design & installation services for telecom rectifiers, battery chargers & complete dc power systems. If you require simple battery chargers or N+ 1 centrally controlled modular bays, SBS has the optimum solution.
SBS provides the necessary power & distribution switchgear to complete the power system from ATSs, MBPs, MBDs to complete paralleling switrchboards. Obtaining a system solution from a single source results in a power system that operates with your expected reliability and availability.
SBS completes the data center with CRAC cooling units from Liebert, Stulz & Data-Aire. SBS brings years of AC sizing experience in glycol, chilled water & air-cooled systems so that you are not burdened with more cooling capacity than you truly need. SBS can integrate its critical data power services with your computer room cooling maintenance under one simplified managed contract.
Test Equipment
Understanding that the battery plant is the most vulnerable & finite component of your critical power system, SBS offers the tools to maintain your battery plant in accordance with IEEE Std 1887 & Std.450 recommendations. Maintenance devices range from conductance & impedance testers to digital hydrometers & load banks.

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DC Carts
Portable DC powered workstations are available in a variety of custom configurations with both dc & AC outputs as well as autonomy runtimes up to 24 hrs. to suit your requirements. The complete system includes batteries, rectifiers, inverters & accessory drawers & mounts. These carts are ideal for retail, POS, mobile printing, inventory & warehousing as well as medical applications.